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The perfect shelter.

Our homes provide everything insects, mice and rats need to thrive; food, shelter and moisture. In nature these pests are beneficial, decomposing dead wood and animals. When they enter our homes, they damage the structure, spread germs, irritate allergies and leave us itching and scratching. Contacting a pest control company is a rarely welcomed task, even worse when you then have to find a contractor and an insulation company to complete the job. The good news is we can handle the entire scope of work from start to finish. We solve these problems every day.

What the Neighbors Say

“The Pest Control Company responded to my phone call promptly and made an appointment right away and kept it. That man was efficient and got the work done that he expected to do. We are pleased!”

Jean L

“Pest Control not only eased my mind about the spiders we may have, but took care of everything easily and quickly. Thank you so much!!”

Lisa B

“Love their different programs to choose from……AND GETTING RID OF SPIDERS ALL YEAR ROUND!! Thank you”

Judy P

“Great service and very knowledgeable staff! We did a one-time service, but after our experience we may just sign up for regular service!”

Jessica S

“Have always been pleased with their service. The owner and his employees are always responsive and their home inspection is thorough and professionally conducted.”

Alan E

“Prompt, professional, personable. Thanks!”

William N

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  • Maintain your investment
  • Keep your family healthy
  • No more surprises


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